Low FODmap spices.

Low FODmap spices

When you hear that garlic and onion are out from the menu, that's when the long and painful 'spice quest' begins!
You start to wonder, how in the world will you manage without their tangy flavors.
And are there any dishes without garlic and onion, anyway?
Well, don't despair- they are:
IBS recipes. Low FODmap diet.
And yes, there's life after garlic. There's even a garlic substitute you can use!

So let's get down to business!


Low FODmap spices list:

-Asafoetida Powder (or 'hing').
It's basically a low FODmap garlic substitute.
It has garlicky taste and smell, so if you're not a Vampire or/and if you really miss garlic, you should stock up. Word of warning: the smell of the spice in unbearable!
A wonder spice! Good for literally everything and it's low fodmap. Yay!
-Cayenne pepper (use in moderation)*
If you really want a kick, cayenne pepper is a way to go!
Tangy, spicy and good for digestion.
- Sweet chili (use in moderation).
Gentler than regular chili, but still gives you that kick.
-Pepper, coarse pepper & Sichuan pepper
-Salt and coarse salt.
You can also use smoked and hot paprika, but please, give it a try first.

Low FODMAP spices.
-Cloves (in moderation)
-Chia seeds
-Sesame seeds
-Poppy seeds

Dried and fresh herbs:

Low FODMAP spices.
-Bay leaves

* Use in moderation means: try it first and start small.
If it's your first time after diagnosis, one teaspoon should do. You can always add more if it agrees with you.

As you can see, it's not all doom and gloom. You can still enjoy plenty of flavors, and there are still more to discover.
So don't wait any longer, just spice it up! :)

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Low FODmap spices.


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