Egg pizza

Egg pizza.

Egg pizza - simple breakfast idea.

Egg pizza - simple breakfast idea.

Breakfast can be tricky sometimes. We usually want it to be easy and quick to make.
We want it to be tasty and fulfilling (to help us kick start the day). Most of us also want it healthy (and still hassle free). And I'm pretty sure we all need variety. That's a lot of boxes to tick!
That's why I try new food combinations all the time. I mix and match, making the most out of breakfast. My combos are pretty straight forward, but mixing and matching gives me diversity I need. I keep it healthy and nutritious.

Great way to kick start your day is to eat an egg. Sounds pretty boring, doesn't? That's why I spice things up (literally), on a regular basis. More on that, later. First, let's take a look at egg nutritional benefits...

Eggs are rich in cholesterol, but they don't have a bad press any more.
They contain lots of vitamins and overall can help strengthen your bones and keep your heart in good shape.
If you want to cut down on cholesterol, you can limit your cakes, butter and fatty meats intake. If you eat eggs as a part of balanced diet (and you're getting enough of exercise), egg breakfasts can even help you to lose weight in the long run. They give you an energy boost and make you feel full for longer - ideal if you're trying to lose weight.

Nutrition facts (fried eggs per 100 grams):

Sodium 207 mg
Potassium 152 mg 
Protein 14 g 
Vitamin A
 Vitamin C 
Vitamin D
Vitamin B-6 
Vitamin B-12

Source: Wikipedia ; Read more here.

 If you have any cholesterol or heart problems, please, check with your GP first, this diet may not be suitable for you.

This recipe is suitable for IBS sufferers after few alterations. Please, read text in green (below the ingredients list).

Egg Pizzas

So how to make a fabulous fried egg (fried egg pizza, to be exact) and how to spice things up? Here's the list of ingredients and few simple instruction to follow:


- egg

- chopped basil

- tikka masala chicken chunks/bites

- grated cheddar

- spices: ground chilli, coarse salt, coarse pepper

- fragrance-free coconut oil for frying

You can always add more ingredients and skip the ones you don't like (see meat-free version below).

IBS sufferers, please:
- swap chili for warm paprika
- use cheese in moderation; use lactose free cheese if possible
- go easy on the meat; use homemade chicken chunks when possible, or use meat free recipe below


Use egg mold or small frying pan. Drop half to one teaspoon of fragrance-free coconut oil into the pan. Crack your egg straight into the cold pan, add spices, meat, basil and sprinkle grated cheese on top. Fry it on the small fire, keep an eye on the pan at all times. Don't flip 'egg pizza' upside down, as your toppings will burn. Take your time, let it fry slowly, till eggs are fried throughout and cheese topping is bubbly and piping hot.

Meat free version :)

Egg Pizza Meat Free



- egg
- fresh cress
- grated Gouda cheese
- spices: warm paprika, coarse pepper
- fragrance-free coconut oil for frying

You you can always add veggies of your choice. You can go crazy with toppings, just like with ordinary pizza (except the base is healthier!).

Keep your toppings as healthy as possible. Add high quality, lean meat chunks, use lots of herbs, natural spices and veggies. Don't go crazy with cheese. It's the most unhealthy (saturated fat, salt) part of the egg pizza, but still perfectly safe if used in moderation (you can use reduced fat & salt cheese, if you're worried). You can change cheese types to keep your breakfast even more interesting (try: goats cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan or Blue Stilton).

I hope you like my Egg Pizza idea.
Please, let me know in the comments and bon appetite!


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Egg Pizza. Simple breakfast idea.


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