Gluten free, sweet potato-pumpkin pizza

Gluten free, sweet potato-pumpkin pizza


Gentleness of pumpkin & sweet potatoes combined with cayenne pepper spiciness, gives this dish an unique taste. It's an awesome bite to eat, perfect for football season and cozy nights in!

This recipe is suitable for IBS sufferers after few alterations. Please, read text in green (below the ingredients list).

1 large / 2 medium or 4 small sweet potatoes, pumpkin puree (preferably from a can, it makes the recipe so much easier) -1/4 of 425g can, sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, gluten-free shortcrust pastry, 2 tablespoons of olive spread.

IBS sufferers, please:
- consider skipping cayenne pepper (it may be too spicy)
- consider mixing sweet potatoes with plain white potatoes. 70 grams of sweet potatoes is a recommended dose on a low fodmap diet, you may be able to eat more though. I always eat more than the recommended dose.

Cook potatoes as normal. After cooking, mash them, add one tablespoon of olive spread, 1 teaspoon of pepper and sprinkle potatoes with salt. Mix it all real good (you can cook it for further 1 minute, if you like). Throw pumpkin puree into the pot, add 50 ml of water, one teaspoon of pepper & pinch of salt. Stir it and cook on a medium heat till it boils. Stir gently throughout cooking. Add one tablespoon of olive spread at the end of the cooking and stir it in. Knead gluten free dough as instructed on the package, then form pizza shape on the baking sheet. Mix baked potatoes and pumpkin pure in a bowl and then spread it generously over pizza. Bake in the oven in 200C for around 30-35 minutes or till base is golden brown and crispy & filling is piping hot. Sprinkle top with cayenne pepper and serve.


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  1. Not only is that healthy food, but what a unique twist for those desiring new recipes for garden harvests. I wish we had smell-o-roma through the internet.


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