Spicy lamb meatballs

Spicy lamb meatballs


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Spicy lamb meatballs -delicious, fulfilling and easy to make! Twist on a classic meatballs. Perfect if you run out of ideas! Serves 2.
Ingredients: ground lamb meat (500g), chilli con carne spice mix, pasta (200g), tomato & basil sauce (500g), olive oil 1/2 tbsp.
Instructions: Mix lamb mince with chilli con carne spice mix and form small meatballs (one meatball should fit into a teaspoon). Believe me, making meatballs smaller, makes them somehow tastier! Heat a bit of the olive oil in the pan, throw meatballs and brown them evenly over the medium heat. Pour tomato & basil sauce into the pan, cook and stir continuously till sauce boils . Serve with hot pasta. Bon appetit!




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