Crock pot recipes: turkey.

Crock pot recipes: turkey.

[caption id="attachment_9191" align="alignnone" width="744"]Crock pot recipes - turkey How to make crock pot turkey breast dinner on a budget. Part of easy crock pot recipes series.[/caption]

How to make crock pot turkey breast dinner on a budget, using mostly organic ingredients.
Here's a lovely, healthy & homemade dinner recipe that won't brake the bank.

All the ingredients are organic except the turkey. Why? Turkeys don’t react good to antibiotics, therefore their meat is antibiotic free and you don't have to buy it organic. It's a good alternative to organic chicken.
Obviously, you can buy it organic too if you wish.

This recipe is suitable for IBS sufferers after few alterations. Please, read text in green (below the ingredients list).

Ingredients (serves 4.):

-turkey 500 g (diced or steaks)
-organic veggie soup (500 ml)
- indian spices mix (to taste)
-fresh rosemary (to taste)
-chopped fresh basil (one tablespoon)
-organic peas (small cup)
-organic plum tomatoes (small cup)

IBS sufferers, please:
- swap indian spice mix for dried herbs, ground pepper & paprika mix (or store bought low fodmap friendly spice mix)
- use fresh, chopped cucumber instead of peas, or limit peas to one tablespoon


I always use crock pot bags (liners), so my slow cooker stay clean for longer.
I put everything into the crockpot: first a crock pot bag, then layer of veggie soup, turkey, spices, another layer of soup, and at the end: veggies and herbs. I set it up for low and cook it for 3 to 4 hours. Once, I've changed setting to high in the middle of the cooking for an hour and turkey was equally good, it wasn't necessary though. You can make it 2,5 hrs on low if you cook 250 grams of turkey.

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Bone appetit!


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  1. Hi Mila, welcome to the Blogger's Pit Stop. I do like this turkey recipe and I love that you use mostly organic ingredients. I do that where I can. I have some cooked turkey in the freezer so I could try this recipe. Thanks for bringing a quality post, that is what we like.


  2. Thank you, Kathleen! Love your linky. And I've learned a lot from your posts!


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