Creamy spinach pasta recipe

Delicious & creamy spinach pasta with chicken & mascarpone cheese.

[caption id="attachment_8627" align="alignnone" width="3207"]Creamy spinach pasta recipe Delicious & creamy spinach pasta with chicken & mascarpone cheese.[/caption]


-pasta (250g, portion for 2 people)
-finely chopped spinach (260 g, can be frozen)
-mascarpone cheese (half of 250g package)
-paprika & pepper & coarse salt (pinch of each)
- organic, unsalted butter (half of 250 g)
-ready to eat chicken chunks (or you can use leftovers)


1-Cook your favourite pasta.
2-Depending on how much sauce you would like to cook, be prepared to use from quarter to half of mascarpone cheese and quarter of butter, one or two cups (260ml) of finely chopped spinach (portion for two or three people). Please, adjust the amounts of butter, spinach and cheese to your own preferences and needs.

3-Warm a bit of butter on the pan. While butter melts, start adding spinach, paprika, pepper, coarse salt and pieces of already cooked chicken. Give it a good stir. Wait till it boils (you can cook on smaller fire from now on), add mascarpone cheese ( half of a 250 g package) and stir frequently till your sauce gets creamy. Let it boil for few seconds.

4-Serve it with pasta immediately. You can freeze leftover sauce.

Healthier, vegetarian version:


-gluten-free pasta 250 g
- fresh spinach 260 g
-olive oil/coconut oil (3-5 tablespoons)
-baby plum tomatoes 250 g
- pinch of pepper & paprika & coarse salt
- optional:mascarpone cheese (2 tablespoons).


Recipe is almost the same: warm up 3 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil in the pan, add spinach, paprika, pepper,salt, baby plum tomatoes and give it a stir. Wait till it boils to add mascarpone cheese (or skip that step altogether and enjoy less creamy sauce). Give it a solid stir and serve immediately with gluten free pasta. You can also ad one tablespoon of raw olive oil into your pasta. Raw olive oil is good for your heart and might help with digestive problems ( like constipation).

Bone appetit!

mila green

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  1. Mila, we do a lot of pasta around here, gluten free variety, and this sounds so delish! My daughter is vegetarian so it's simple for me to toss in a bunch of veggies and then have the meat off to the side for those who want to add it. I've never made a creamy sauce with mascarpone cheese, thanks for sharing your recipe, going to try this soon!

  2. Thanks Nikki! Hope you'll like it! It's very creamy, so make sure to add fair amount of spices, if you're spicy kind of girl ;) Enjoy!

  3. I am digging both versions! Pinned and will be trying later. I'm getting in a spinach mood with all of the spinach looking so good lately. Just had some for dinner last night. Thank you for sharing this gem! #ShareTheJoy

  4. Thanks Regina! Hope you'll like it :)
    I love spinach too!

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