How to plan stress free Christmas

How to plan stress free Christmas

How to plan stress free Christmas

How to reduce stress and avoid holiday rush. Tips & tricks. Free Christmas planner.

1-Don't leave everything till the last minute.
Start middle of / beginning of November (depending on what you have planned (big family Christmas, small gathering).

2-Don't do everything at once.
Limit yourself to one chore /one purchase (group of purchases) a day. Example: 15th of November - check Christmas lights, 16th of November- iron Christmas tablecloths, 17th of November- shop for baubles etc.
Give Christmas chores a time limit: from 10 minutes to 1 hour a day, depending on your daily schedule.

Free Checklist Printables:

Christmas Checklist

3- Plan your Christmas chores around other activities or plan your activities around Christmas chores. Whatever works best for you. Example: do you have meetings scheduled around town? Check beforehand what Christmas errands you can easily run in that area (sending Christmas cards,shop for christmas tree etc), or: when going out, choose a cafe/restaurant/movie theater close to your favourite mall, so you can drop in and check their offers etc.

4- Shop online (in advance).
That's the best way to avoid queues. Do it in advance, so you can return the items, if any problems occur.

 5-Cook and freeze food in a advance.
There are some foods that you can cook and freeze in advance (without any loss of quality). Prepare and freeze sauces, pies, soups, cakes/cheesecakes, croquettes, veggies etc.

6-Buy 'ready to eat' frozen food (just in case).
In case something goes wrong (your roast is burnt, your cake is slack-baked), you're prepared!

7 - Stuff your pantry.
Not sure you've got enough flour, sugar, vanilla or cranberry sauce in your pantry?
But it anyway. It may come in handy at any time during Christmas. If you decide to change the recipe, if you need to swap ingredients, if you spill something on the floor. It's good to have an extra sachet or bottle during that busy time.

8- Make list of things that went wrong in previous years (Christmas lights not working, not enough chairs for guests) and take care of these first!

I hope my list will come in handy!


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  1. Hi Mia! I think preparation is the key and I love your last tip about looking back at what went wrong last year. Here's to a stress free Christmas. #WayWow

  2. Thanks Sue! Glad you like it :) I hope for a little stress-free time for everybody this busy time of year.
    Cheers :)

  3. Mila, these are great tips, I'm never quite ready for Christmas, I've got too many projects in the works and I am a horrid estimator of time! I always think I can get things finished quicker than I do. So I love the tip about bite sized pieces, a bit here, a bit there. Then I wouldn't be so frantic about getting things done!!!

  4. Glad you liked it! :) Oh, time management.... Easier said than done ;)
    Thanks for reading.

  5. Yes!! Oh my goodness l, with Christmas coming up fast I need this post! Definitely bookmarking this!


  6. Great list. So obvious but seriously good to be reminded of things, especially stocking the pantry!

  7. Thank you! I agree, most obvious things are often overlooked during pre-Christmas rush. Been there so many times ('How come there's no bread?' ;))

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. I alway start out with the best of intentions....but I seem to fail at your #1 -- I wait until the last minute to shop. And I have ten kids and a husband to shop for. You think I would start early, right? But no. I'm also shopping on December 23 and 24.....last minute, rushing around...stressing. I'm just so darn busy in my days, with all the kids. It's hard to get out there and shop. That's my excuse and I sticking to it. LOL

  11. I get it. It's hard :/ Christmas always seems so far away and the boom it's here! :)
    It's always kind of a shock. Like the first snow (despite the fact it's winter LOL)


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