Not so scary zombie movies marathon

Not so scary zombie movies marathon.

Featuring retro classics, showing you zombies like you've never seen before!

 These are all pre-Romero zombie flicks, so no gore here :)

"White zombie" (1932)


 Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

First zombie movie ever. Before Romero's flesh craving monsters, being a zombie meant being without your own will. The term is possibly a mix of two words: zumbi (fetish) or Nzambi (God). According to voodoo beliefs, the dead can be resurrected by Bokor (voodoo priest) or warlock. The term zombie was popularized by William Seabrook in the book "Magic Island".
In a movie, the term was first used in a "White Zombie" . Movie tells the story of unrequited love. Rejected man by the name of Charles Beaumont, ask mad doctor (played by Bela Lugosi) to use hypnosis in order to make his beloved Madeleine a slave. Heavy stuff, I know :)
It's a public domain movie and you can watch for free here .


"I walked with a zombie" (1943)


 A nurse is hired by sugar plantation owner to look after his wife - a woman that has been struck by the unknown condition and it seems to be in a state of permanent trans. The story is set on the Caribbean Island.

Watch trailer here.


"The Last Man on Earth" (1964)


With Vincent Price. Adaptation of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend."
Uncanny disease turned all humans into undead creatures (cross between zombies nad vampires). Dr. Robert Morgan is somehow resistant to the virus. He's the last man standing and does his best to survive and unravel virus mystery. Awesome, atmospheric thriller.

It's a public domain movie too and you can watch it here.

It was later rebooted as "Omega man" with Charlton Heston and as "I am a legend" with Will Smith.

I hope you'll enjoy many, awesome movies this Halloween season :)



Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.



Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.






  1. I've seen all of these movies! My mom sent me a collection of old horror movies for Christmas last year and every single one of these titles are on their. Of course I love Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price so I will watch whatever movies they have made! Visiting from #waywow

  2. Yes! If you see Lugosi or Price name on the cover, you know you are in for a treat.
    Thanks Michelle! :)

  3. Score! Thanks for the ideas. I am HUGE into zombie movies. I've seen so many so-bad-they're-amazingly-good zombies movies in my time and don't even remember what half of them were called... but I'm pretty sure I've never seen the ones you've listed here. I am excited to watch them :D

    My all-time favorite zombies movies are the Resident Evil series. I also adore the TV show Z Nation (and The Walking Dead of course). And Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days / Weeks Later! I'm, um, slightly obsessed :)

  4. LOL! I knew that Michelle would love this post and I see that she made it here before I did! My husband and kids love scary movies, and we have seen The Last Man on Earth and the adaptations. My kids love the one with Will Smith, so did I actually! My kids are older, 15 and 23, and we love to hang out occasionally and watch movies together!

  5. I like the one with Will Smith too :) Never seen the one with Charlton Heston, but I'm planning to. I like when the versions differ significantly, it's so much more fun!

  6. Oh, I love them too! And I've just started to watch 'Z nation'.
    I wonder if they're ever going to make '28 months later'! :)


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