IBS diary, helpful exercises and tips

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or health professional. Please, always seek help from health professionals.

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Drinking Symprove (one 60ml cup every morning ) - month 2:

Drinking Symprove became a habit over the last 2 months. I still like the taste a lot and I like the fact that it feels like putting a bandage over my poor intestines. ;)
To be honest, I've had awful 2 weeks during my second month of treatment. It was an eventful and stressful time and I was often forced to eat what was available at this very moment. I experienced a lot of stress.
What I discovered:
- Symprove helped for ibs related stomach ache.
-I was feeling so unwell that I drank it at the night (instead of the morning) and the problem was sorted by the time I woke up. It happened 3 times. I don't recommend going against the tips written in the leaflet though. You may react differently.

If you're having a flare up during the treatment (which is frustrating, because you quickly get used to feeling better), here's few tips and tricks that may help:

Hypnosis & Relaxation

I got the code for self hypnosis sessions available online from my GP. You can ask your GP for help or you can try youtube relaxation videos.


The best exercises to relieve cramps are :
-walking ( slow & regular walks can do miracles!)
- yoga (especially: child pose. And it can help for back pain too!)
-squats ( video)

Stay hydrated
Still water and herbal teas are the best!

Eat smaller portions
Eat more often that 3 times a day, but eat smaller portions. Eat more regularly (the same time every day would be perfect). Don't work and eat at the same time. (I know, this one is very unrealistic! ;))

Try hot water bottle
(it may help if you're experiencing cramps)

Go for a massage ;)

IBS helpful tips


Symprove month 2 - in a nutshell:
I haven't experienced any nausea, excessive hunger or bubbling in my stomach. I ate much healthier and more regularly. I took more antispasmodic meds (during those awful, stressful 2 weeks!). During remaining two weeks, I felt pretty good and enjoyed a lot of great food &  fun activities!
I've got one more month to go!

Disclaimer: I contacted Symprove and I received my 4 bottle pack for free; all opinions are my own.



I recommend for ibs:

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