5 minutes campfire snacks

5 minutes campfire snacks.

S'mores , cheese stuffed sausages, garlic toast.

Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.

Snacks you can easily make while camping.
Campfire friendly snacks.

5 minutes campfire snacks

Cheese stuffed sausages

Use as big & thick sausages as possible :) Do halfway deep, crosslike cuts in your sausage and stuff it with grated cheese. Remember to leave the middle of the sausage unsliced - that's where the stick goes. Bake it cheese side up. Might be a bit messy, but it's worth it!

Garlic toast

Brown slice of toast over a campfire and rub a little bit of fresh garlic over it. It's super healthy (unless you are an ibs sufferer), but remember to never treat yourself to that snack before an important meeting or a date :)

 Easy to handle s'mores 

5 minutes campfire snacks

The trick is to use store bought, chocolate covered crackers. Brown marshmallows over a fire and sandwich them between crackers. It's less messy (if that's even possible with s'mores ;)), easier to handle and eat.

5 minutes campfire snacks








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  1. Some great little snacks there. Nice and easy too! I particularly like the look of the easy to handle S'mores...

  2. They are still messy messy but a bit easier to grab!;) Enjoy !


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