Wooden cat statue makeover

Old wooden cat statue makeover

Sometimes we reach end of the road when it comes to some of our decor pieces. We simply grow out of some decor styles . That was the case with my wooden cat statue.

Cat Collage

It's still kind of cute, but it doesn't fit anymore.
I wasn't ready to part with this little fella just yet, so I decided to make a little do-over.


- wooden cat statue
- spray paint (two colors)
- scissors
-old newspaper /leftover paper sheets/old mags
(to protect parts of the statue while applying second color )
- painters tape

Instructions & tips:

Three coats of paint are recommended if you decide to spray all over the old paint ( like I did!). 
I had enough paint for two coats only, so it's no perfect, but still, kitty looks so much more vibrant!

I applied first coat of yellow paint and left it to dry for about 15 minutes.
(Unfortunately, 'neon yellow' attracted lots of bugs :)).

cat makeover

I did exactly the same with the second coat of paint.
I made sure second coat is dry, and I attached painters tape to the cat's belly (forming a diamond shape).

Hubby used some paper sheets to protect sides and face of the cat before I sprayed his belly pink.

spraying cat

 I applied pink paint, left the statue to dry for few minutes and then quickly removed painters tape.

Old wooden cat makeover

Old wooden cat statue makeover

Old wooden cat statue makeover

Voila! Brand new, old wooden cat :)




between naps on the porch




wow us wednesday




  1. What a difference! It adds a nice pop of colour!

  2. I was just planning on doing this with a dog I have had for years! It is looking kind of worn, so I am going to spray it glossy black. Just have to go get the paint!

  3. Oh, I love the black paint idea- so dapper!

  4. The new colors are very modern and entirely different from the previous one. It's totally brandnew!

  5. Thanks! I'm all about modern lately!


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