De-stress yourself!

De-stress yourself! My favourite tips and tricks.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, I'm just looking for answers ;)

1. Leave smartphone outside the bedroom.

I've recently read that flashing phone screens send info to our brains that it's time to partey.
So it's not a good idea to use your phone just before you go to sleep. Even if you don't believe in that theory,
leaving your phone in the other room is a guarantee that nobody will wake you up on the Sunday morning and that you won't hear annoying beeps in the middle of the night (surprise, surprise it's your newest electricity bill, received via text, higher than expected). Do your broadband and gas providers do that? Because mine certainly do!
Plus it's probably better to sleep in a less 'magnetic charged' environment.

2. Don't get immediate email notifications.
Because of the reasons stated in point number 1.
There's time and a place.
Imagine you're meeting your friend for highly anticipated coffee, on the way to the toilet you look at the screen to check the time and here they are: bill reminders, appointments to book, business stuff to do immediately. Joy takers, party poopers :(

It decreases stress levels, makes you happy (hello endorphins) and keeps you fit. Nuff said :)

4.Watch something stupid on tv.
I like zombies in any shape or form!

5. Do something unexpected.
Doing new things stretches our perspective of time (cool stuff if you ask me!) and makes us happy (hello endorphins 2).

6.Read young adult novels.
Because they are cool and they will help you to understand teenagers.

7.Take diet supplements.
Did you know that St John's Wort is a natural antidepressant?
Please, always seek doctors advice before you decide to take St John's wort or any other herbal diet supplement. St John's wort might be unsuitable for you (for example if you suffer from bipolar disorder).

You can try drinking lemon balm, lavender or chamomile tea before you go to sleep. These herbs are great for decreasing stress levels.

8. Simplify your life.
Reduce number of ingredients in the recipe, decrease number of daily tasks, simplify your vacation plans, outfit, blog schedule, birthday parties, gifts. Don't put too much thought into everything, follow your heart.

9. Ask for doctor's help.
When life seems to be too much to bear, don't be afraid to ask for doctor's help.

de stress yourself


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  1. I really like #2! I turned off my notifications because they were pulling me away from living in the moment and I just wanted to be more present.

  2. all great tips, my favorite is to listen to books on tape...getting lost in another world is wonderful.

  3. Great list, and I love the idea of turning off the phone notifications! :)

  4. I like this list! Good advise, Mila!


  5. Notifications are the worst! ;)

  6. Yep! Sometimes getting lost in another world is necessary to recharge :)

  7. Yes! That's exactly what I had in my mind: being present :)

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