The old shack...

Our 6 months lease ended on 9th of November 2014 and we are still here.

munsters mansion


"Why is that!?", you will ask. We want to try our chances in mid-market renting (awesome renting scheme that allows you to rent cheap, suitable to your needs apartments in new or fairly new buildings). Building that we are interested in, is  still being built . It should be ready end of January. In order to be accepted, we need (amongst many other things) an address (duh;)). And to make it easier, it should be a place where you can give one month notice. After our 6 mandatory months here, we are entitled to give just one month notice, so it makes sense to stay here a bit longer and land an apartment in new & shiny building. But staying here has become very challenging.

Quick update:

Broken boiler.3 times in one week and then again one week later. It has been fixed, but it doesn't always work properly. If you lucky, you won't get splash of ice cold water during shower. This is 22 years old boiler and it desperately wants to die.

Patio door leak.Hearing water dripping every 5 minutes .

City council inspection and gazillion other inspections trying to help us with agent /landlord dealings.

Nasty and sticky (I know!) leak on the wall in the hall.

Puddle underneath the floor-getting worse every day.


Clothes getting mouldy(!), wooden things getting mouldy(!),everything is getting mouldy...

Electronics giving up because of the dampness.

We dry laundry at parents' house.

Lack of gas and electricity safety certificate (still).

After two months of reminding agent that he is required by the law to put smoking alarms in our apartment, we had to ask local firemen (I know, it's funny :)) to set up proper smoking alarms.

We asked dampness specialists to inspect the apartment.

Broken washing machine (maybe it is for the best, it's not like we can dry laundry here anyway ;).

We didn't receive any rent discount.

The only thing that has been fixed is main light in the kitchen (After 4 months.Warp speed.Electrician is our best friend now. Well, 'No offence,but I hope to never see you again' isn't exactly friends :)).

Agent saying that we should keep our front door open during the day (as a solution for dampness) was icing on the cake :))













  1. OMG! My heart goes out to you. That is awful and I can't believe that you didn't recieve some compensation. I am unfamiliar with the apartment dealings in scotland but I would imagine that the building would be condemned here in the US. I spent 5 years in a horrible apartment because we had to move in a hurry too. Although it's nothing close to your story, I can remember several basement floods, a shower that was grouted with wall paste, and ants everywhere that we could not get rid of. I hope your building is ready asap.

  2. Hope that there will soon be a light at the end of your tunnel.
    Your living conditions is terrible.
    Lots of blessings

  3. Oh my, so sorry to hear! Mold is not a good thing. Can be very dangerous to your health. I hope that things get resolved soon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Thank you, Rachel! Oh, ants are terrible too!
    I think there is a big pink elephant in the room when it comes to properties in Scotland.No-one wants to admit that renting an apartment in a historic building, often means living beyond tolerable standard.

  5. […] it or not, we actually received a discount (one month’s rent worth) and an apology. Still emotions run high during final apartment […]


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