Decision time!


Moving houses- part 2 (you can read part 1  here).

After a lot of consideration, we've decided on a quirky, bohemian style apartment (it has been mentioned in a previous "Moving houses" post) in an old, 4-storey building. New apartment is totally different from our current house.
Our current home is a small semi-detached house with white walls, loft and lots of light. There's so many windows, that in a hot summer days (from around 11 am to 9 pm)  it is impossible to sit inside- it is like spending time in a greenhouse.

old house
old house

And now, we're about to rent ground floor apartment, that is carriage/car- shaped, has colourful walls, but unfortunately not a lot of light. There is no window in the living room ("excuse me, what?" ;). It has only patio doors overlooking small garden.Wall space that cries for a window, has a built in chimney. The are  couple of features that makes this place special and I can't wait to share pictures with you (stay tuned for house tour)!

Packing was more then traumatic! The amount of cr*ap ,we've had.....Who needs so many jars, pc monitors & keyboards, old magazines, not working tv's that "can be fixed" ? The loft was our doom, obviously. We stored EVERYTHING and felt ooh so happy. Until the move move began, that is. My new resolution: DECLUTTER WOMAN! I've found this to-do list and I'm going to stick to it!
Do you have any creative ideas  how to declutter your home?









between naps on the porch







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